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Vibe-Boostin' Apartment Decor Ideas

Many Blossoms

Posted on August 11 2019

Vibe-Boostin' Apartment Decor Ideas


Just because you're a little low on money doesn't mean you can't have a high vibe and spiritual blissed apartment to lay your head! Here are some of my favorite DIY projects or just plain inspo for your apartment. 


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1) Porches are such a dream.


2) I could fall asleep next to that.


3) Yes, queen. Yes. 



 4) I could crash here for a couple nights. Or forever. 



5) Come away with me.



6) I feel like this apartment would smell clean and fresh.



7) This may have been Ivy's first apartment.


8) Literally says it on the pillow.


9) Just a little sprinkle (flood) of pink.


10) So fresh and so clean, clean. 

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