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Crown Chakra Bracelet

Crown Chakra Bracelet


Bracelet Materials:

Amethyst, Cape Amethyst, and Clear Quartz/Crystal Quartz 
8mm beads
Fits Wrist Sizes up to 7 inches

     Handmade bracelet- please allow for 3-5 days to create


    Amethyst - A very strong healing stone - Helps to turn negative energy to positive energy - If someone is suffering from addictions, amethyst helps to relieve those addictions - Helps to relieve migraines, headaches and those who suffer from continual nightmares


    Cape Amethyst - Enhance intuition - Creates a healing field around the wearer - Helps repel negativity - Opens the wearer’s mind to change or the idea of change - Helps with addictions, the immune system and swelling


    Clear Quartz/Crystal Quartz - A stone of power - Helps the wearer to increase their energy or intention - Helps to protect against negativity in daily life - Helps the immune system, memory and pain