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Attract Your Soulmate Coaching Session

Attract Your Soulmate 1-Hour Coaching Session


This 1-hour session will help build up your sacred self-love for yourself which will help you attract your soulmate and life partner.   

What can I expect from the session?

This session will help fill you up with an exuberant amount of pure self-love that will set you up to attract your life partner. We will work together to move beyond old patterns and limiting beliefs, sweeping away your old negative self-talk and making way for sacred divine pure love to fill in. Once you are filled with divine self-love and have this sense of fulfillment, it'll provide you with a foundation for having a successful relationship with someone else. Plus, we will have fun doing it (though we may cry a time or two)!  

All you need to prepare for is to come to the session with an open mind. You may experience:

︽ Reiki 
︽ Tapping
︽ Pranayama breathing
︽ Getting your chakras nice and balanced
︽ Chanting
︽ Harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction
︽ Practicing Ho'oponopono
︽ Dancing
︽ Visualization exercises 
︽ Invoking Divine Order
︽ Lots more ❤

Every session is filled with love and is unique, as they'll be based on your current needs. 

How many sessions will I need?

Depends on where you're at mentally, spiritually, and emotionally love! I typically start to see noticeable differences in ways of thinking and behavior around the 3rd-4th session. 

What if I can't/don't want to connect by video?

No worries! We can connect by phone too! 

What happens after I order?

I will contact you using the email address provided at check out in order to find a time for the session that works for both of us. Prior to the session, I will email you the Zoom video conference line information. *Please be aware that due to an influx of orders, I am scheduling 1-2 weeks out. 

Little Bit About Me:
My name is Rylee and I am a certified Law of Attraction coach specializing in LOVE! I was lucky enough to meet my soulmate, Zack, when we were both 18 and we've been loving up a storm ever since. He is everything I dreamed about and so much more. I didn't know it at the time, but I manifested the crap out of him. Before I met him, whenever I caught the clock at 11:11, I always made a wish that I would fall in love with a kind-hearted and loyal guy. I didn't just make the wish either, I felt the love already. I still remember at times I would have chills vibrate through me imagining being in love. Who knew the universe heard me and was in the process of bringing my soulmate/life partner/my heart for me to meet in college?
Here is some of our journey together. I wish I was better at capturing photos when I was younger since it would be so cute to have photos of us in our young love, but I guess I was too busy loving the hell out of my life. ❤️

Here we are on our wedding night (along with our kitty, Mama)
Meeting our favorite musician ever, Jeff Tweedy from Wilco.
On our honeymoon in Paris:
Still on our honeymoon in Amsterdam:
& more recently:
I love this man with my whole heart and soul and am so grateful for him coming into my life and loving and supporting me. We will work together to attract this pure sacred love too.