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Distant Group Pet Reiki Session - Tuesday, June 16th at 10:30 am CDT

Distant Group Pet Reiki Session - Tuesday, June 16th at 10:30 am CDT


Pets love and benefit from Reiki too! 

Pet Reiki sessions provide soothing energies which may energetically support pets who:

♥ are suffering from physical pain and/or swollen joints
♥ suffer from anxiety, stress, or other emotional distress, especially if you have to leave them alone for long periods of time
♥ recently had surgery or have a surgery scheduled and/or needs a boost in their health and wellbeing 

    If your pet is ill, unwell or injured, you must first seek proper veterinarian care. Reiki complements traditional medicine, it is not an alternative.

    Reiki brings healing in the form of peace and balance—as in, it is not a “cure” for a particular problem. That being said, our body and mind can heal best when we aren’t stressed and uncomfortable.

    What happens after I order?

    If this is your pet's first session with me, you should reply to the confirmation email with:

    • the name of your pet;
    • a photo of your pet;
    • the city/state of where your pet will be at the time of the session.

    The photo isn't completely necessary but it is helpful. 

    If your pet is returning for another session and you've already provided the information above, you don't need to do anything else.

    Do we connect by phone or video at the time of the session?

    No, there is no need to connect by phone or video. I find that it takes away my focus more than anything (and also doesn't make the healing more effective). Your pet will stay in the comfort of their home during the session, and I will be in the comfort of my home during the session.

    How will my pet respond to the session?

    Most pets will respond by relaxing or sleeping during the session, but some may still want to play or do their normal routine. Either way is perfect. 

    I have another question! 

    Great! Email me (Rylee) anytime at hello@manyblossoms.com.