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Break Free From Your Ex Energy Cord Removal Session

Break Free From Your Ex Energy Cord Removal Session



Everything in our universe is made of energy. Literally everything. When we go through experiences in life, energy cords attach from yourself to people, events, places, substances, etc, which can keep you stuck in a past pattern of behavior. It may be easier to imagine them like umbilical cords attaching to people/events/places/substances, draining you of energy that you typically aren't even aware of. This isn't to say that all energy cords are negative, but I believe it's better to clear them all so the life force energy that is in your body will be sourcing YOU instead of all the things that are taking it from you.

When would be a good time to remove energy cords?

The absolute best time to get energy cords removed is when you are ready to quit thinking about your ex and finally get over them.  Romantic relationships (well any kind of long term relationship) can cause deep or permanent energy cords that enmesh both of you. One of the main problems this can cause (the first being loss of energy) is that this can prevent you from stepping fully into your own power.  Plus, their energy is still affecting you in your daily life if these energy cords are still intact!    

Here are other times that removing energy cords would be helpful:

♢ When you are ready to stop repeating old toxic behavior patterns like possessiveness, jealousy, being highly critical of others, being controlling, never apologizing, blaming others, holding grudges, taking things personally, etc

♢ After a friendship breakup. 

♢ After leaving your job or if you own your own business, after you've stopped working with an employee, contractor, supplier, etc. 

♢ When you feel you are ready to remove or limit weed, alcohol, caffeine, sugar or other substances from your life. These types of substances usually form deep rooted and strong energy cords. If you are ready to remove one or all of these from your life, removing the energy cords would be a great step to take. 

♢ If you generally feel a lack of energy. 

What happens after I order?

Once you've completed your order, I will email you within 48 hours requesting the following:

1) your name
2) zip code
3) a picture (doesn't need to be a glamour shot ♡ but you are BEAUTIFUL)

I'll also include times that I am available to perform the session along with a consent form. 

What happens during the session? 

This is 100% done remotely and we do not connect by video or phone during the session. I find that it takes away my focus and it doesn't make the process any more effective. At the agreed upon time, I will connect to your body energetically and start the session. 

This session includes Ho'oponopono healing. Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian healing prayer. The prayer was made famous by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len who cured a whole ward of criminally insane patients without ever meeting them or being in the same room as them.

In total, this session usually takes around 60 minutes and I will send you an email once it's been completed. I'll also include some tips on how to support your energetic body after the session. You are always welcome to email me questions before or after the session. During the session, you should be meditating, reading, sleeping or just relaxing.

Will this cords just come back once they are removed?

No, the same cords will not return with my process. However, it's always possible for new cords to form.

How many sessions do I need?

My recommendation is 3 sessions spaced a week apart. Once the 3 sessions have been completed, you can maintain the lightness with 1 session a month. The reason I suggest getting 3 sessions is that I am only able to remove the cords that are ready to be removed during each session. You can think of it more like an onion, where you are only able to peel the bottom layers once you've peeled the top ones.  

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