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Geometric Double Cactus & Succulent Planter with

Geometric Double Cactus & Succulent Planter with


Display functional art in your home. This Modern and Minimalist planter offers an aesthetically clean way to bring life into your home. This planter holds two geometric planters. Each planter stand is handcrafted from waterproofed polished copper and geometric planters built from Maple and Walnut finished with several coats of oil.



Geometric Planters

Width: 4 in.

Length: 4 in.

Height: 3 in.

Stand with Planters

Width: 5 in.

Length: 5 in.

Height: 7 in.


Proudly built in Portland, Oregon by The Iron Roots Designs 

Due to the unique nature of wood, each planter will have individual wood grain patterns.

Plants and display items not included.