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Karen Arrow Bangle

Karen Arrow Bangle


Own a piece of history with these edgy bangles that are handmade by the Karen women (long neck) tribe in northern Thailand. These bangles are made from the same brass used for their neck rings. A truly unique piece with an interning story. Great for stacking and mixing with your other favorites!

  • Material: Brass
  • Size: One size fits all. Can be worn as a bangle or adjustable for a tight cuff fit.
  • Handmade with love in Thailand 
  • As with all handcrafted goods, there are slight variations making each piece a work of art and truly one of a kind.

Artisan Profile

The ancient brass ring tradition has been worn by most of the Karen Tribe women since around age 5. They wear the rings to portray an elongated neck. In their culture this is a sign of beauty. The rings do not actually make the neck longer. They force the collarbone down and deform it giving the appearance of a longer neck.

Two decades ago, the Karen tribe, also known as the long neck people, fled from Burma to Thailand to escape the escalating civil war that was taking place there. Because they are refugees and not Thai citizens, they are not permitted to leave their settled villages. This makes it impossible for them to find work outside the village and they rely on tourists to purchase their handicrafts as a means of income. Your purchase helps the women provide for their families and preserve their culture.